Strip Off Your Fear: The Good Girl’s Guide to Saying What You Want

Strip Off Your Fear: The Good Girl’s Guide to Saying What You Want
4.99 (eBook), $12.99 (print)
Series: Non-Fiction Books, Book 2
Genres: Memoir, Personal Growth

This book is for the "Good Girls" – women who go along to get along, never rock the boat, and put their own desires last. Isn't it about time you said what you really wanted?

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Strip Off Your Fear: The Good Girl’s Guide to Saying What You Want


This is the action plan to real confidence, that glow that radiates from within and just makes it easier to say and do what you really want in this world. This inner confidence also makes your words and actions irresistible to other people, paving the way for the life of your dreams.

Uncovering your core beliefs, desires, and talents will radiate confidence in everything you do. You’ll no longer be afraid to speak up at work, share your desires with your mate, or hold back on what you really want to do with your life.

You’ll learn:

  • Why people aren’t thinking about you as often as you think they are
  • How eliminating the phrase, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” will transform your life
  • When to appreciate critical feedback and when to ignore it completely
  • Who to allow into your life (thanks to your bouncer and a red velvet rope)
  • Why perfection is always your enemy and should be avoided like the plague
  • How vulnerability is biggest superpower of all
  • Why comparing yourself to other people is apples and oranges
  • How living in the past will wreck your present

This action-packed book relates many of Betsy’s personal experiences on the path to confidence – painful, embarrassing, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny – along with thoughtful exercises to uncover your own radiant confidence.

The book is written using the body as a metaphor for your confidence and the fears that make you want to cover it up. It’s a powerful visual that will help you reframe the way you think about confidence, fear, and the path between the two.

Speak up. Be proud of who you are, what you know, and what you do. Help other women do the same. When you change your world for the better, you make it better for the rest of us.

What Other Women Are Saying

Beth Hayden“You feel like you are sitting with her over coffee and she’s giving you her best advice, friend-to-friend. And because her voice is so authentic and clear, you feel like you’re getting the straight scoop – no holds barred.~ Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest
Debbie Whitlock“This was some of the deepest thinking and soul searching I’ve ever done.”
~Debbie Whitlock, host of Femmenation™ RadioMelody Biringer“Betsy gets right down to the business of being real. A fast read that really gets you thinking. Being the real you to the outside world only attracts the company you want. Why don’t we all do it?”
~ Melody Biringer, Founder of the CRAVE companyAlison Cornford-Matheson“Reading Betsy’s work makes you feel like you’re chatting with a great friend; a friend who inspires you with her wisdom and grace and kicks you in the behind when you try to make excuses for not being all you deserve to be.”
~ Alison Cornford-Matheson, co-founder of the expat resource CheesewebRonna Detrick“In Chapter One, these words: “It never occurred to me I could disagree, modify, go another way, or be different. It simply wasn’t done.” And with these words, I knew that Betsy Talbot was telling her story…and mine…and that of many, if not most women.”
~ Ronna Detrick, author of A Feminist with FaithMaria Ross This book is an anthem for all women who are tired of hiding their light behind the expectations, opinions and stereotypes of others.”
~ Maria Ross, Creator of Red Slice author of Rebooting My Brain: How a Freak Aneurysm Reframed My LifeTracey Warren“I read this book at just the right time for me and I’m so glad I did. Betsy’s writing style is fun and easy to read…even when it’s hard to hear.”Tracey Warren, founder of Ready, Set, Grow Marketing
Maisie SmithOne minute you’re dying laughing and the next tearing up because you can completely relate to her experiences. Finally someone is able to capture the inner struggle that most women face each day… and this book is a wonderful step-by-step guide on how to unshackle yourself from expectations and status quo. You’ll love it!~ Maisie Smith, founder of Project Creativity

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Just for Fun

See how committed Betsy is to her message that confidence comes from within:

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