Your biggest competition isn’t another company.

Your biggest competition is buyer indecision, which happens when a buyer walks out of your virtual front door because they don’t understand how you can help.

As an expert with a complex solution or a long sales cycle, you’ve been in the situation of trying to convincing buyers what you can do for them.

And you know how hard it is:

  • Get too technical and their eyes glaze over,
  • Make it too general and they don’t see how you can help them, and
  • Try to address the needs of every stakeholder in the decision at once and you lose them all.

How can you get potential buyers to imagine a better future with your solutions?

I may have some answers for you.

1: Nail Your Value

Stop rambling and start connecting with your buyer!

When you know how to state the value your company brings to the table, your conversations shift from what you do to how your work can transform your buyer’s world.

And every buyer wants to keep talking about that.

Clients say:

Working with Betsy elevated our communications with stakeholders to a level I did not think possible for a company of our size. Betsy’s passion, professionalism, knowledge and talent have allowed her to be a huge asset for us.”

MBA Consultancy Founder

2: Shape Your Solutions

Invigorate your sales by optimizing how you present your offers, communicate your process, and share the expected outcomes of your work.

Earn more revenue for your existing services with a more thoughtful presentation.

Clients say:

“Betsy helped me to develop a signature solution which I road-tested with a prospective new client. Not only did they tell me it was a clear and logical way of thinking about brand and marketing, but it helped them to realise the steps they’d been missing. Most exciting, they want to work with me across the entire solution. The client approved the budget without blinking an eyelid and facilitated approval from the Board to proceed within a week of meeting me. Thank you so much for all your help on this.”

Marketing Consultant for Engineering Companies

3: Lead Buyers to the Sale

When you understand how to respond to common questions before they arise, objections get handled right away.

And when buyers know what to expect at every stage of work with you, they are more comfortable saying yes.

Structure your sales materials to anticipate buyer needs, and you’ll enjoy shorter, easier sales cycles.

Clients say:

“The easiest way to judge someone’s credibility is not by what they say, but by the questions they ask. I hired Betsy to create a marketing campaign related to an obscure market. I was amazed at how quickly her questions got our discussion dialed-in to the critical topics, and how quickly she grasped the complexities of the subject. She transformed our discussions into a highly successful campaign. I recommend her with 100% confidence. Betsy delivers a very high-value product.”

Global Manufacturing Business VP of Sales

Could you use some help translating your value to the market?

There’s an easy way to determine if we’ve got the makings of a good team.

You can send me an email with your website URL and your biggest hurdle when it comes to explaining your value to potential clients. I’ll give you some feedback with at least one idea to clarify your message.

If you like what I say, we can book a chat to discuss it further. (And no, your email address won’t go on a marketing list.)

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Clients say:

“Betsy is creative and thoughtful in her approach. She meets clients where they are and is skilled in translating a company’s offering to the needs of the client. She’s organized, delivers on time and is a delight to work with.”

Management Consultancy Founder

Whether we end up working together or not, I’m glad you stopped by.

Your visit shows you want to get better at sharing your solutions with the people who need them most, and the world is a little bit better because of folks like you.